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Resources for Patients and Caregivers

These materials are preparing specifically for patients with DD and their caregivers. We encourage sites to integrate these into the care that is provided. Some of these resources can be given out as information whereas others can be used during the visit to foster communication and understanding.

Today's Health Care Visit 

This is a way for you as the practitioner to learn more about your patient - their preferences, stressors, and strategies that may inform their care. Also includes visual aids that can be used to foster communication at the time of care. Consider having this tool available in the waiting room, or mailing out in advance of a Health Check.

Getting More Money 

This is a clear language guide to financial resources that may be available in your area (Ontario). Modify this for your local area.

Health Care Handouts: Mammogram, (FOBT, Pap Smear, Specialty Exams

A clear language handout to offer patients who wish to learn more, or prepare for a mammogram, FOBT, Pap Test and Exam, or for speciality exams. 

Internet Links 

A handout to share with patients that provides listing of excellent online resources specifically for people with developmental disabilities.

About Psychological Assessments

This is a handout for caregivers that helps to explain the process, access points and rationale for psychological assessments.