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Health Care Resources for Clinicians, Patients, Family and Caregivers

What is DD CARES?

DD CARES is a part of the H-CARDD program that is working to improve health care for individuals with developmental disabilities. We do this by sharing different tools we and others have created to help those with disabilities get the best health care they can.

What information can you find in this section?

Are you a person with a developmental disability? In this section you will find worksheets and videos to help you when seeing your doctor, when going to the hospital, and other information about taking care of your health.

Are you a family member or caregiver of someone with a developmental disability? In this scetion you will find tools and videos to help the person you support when going to the doctor, when going to the hospital, along with links to other health information.

Or maybe you are a health care provider who would like to learn more about how to improve your skills when working with patients with a developmental disabilities? This section offers best practice information and links to tools and resources for use in clinical care.


For more information on DD CARES please contact us at or phone (416) 535-8501 ext. 37813

For people with a disability

For caregivers

For healthcare providers

Knowledge into action

We are working with emergency departments and family health teams in Ontario to gain an understanding of the different ways in which our research findings can impact health care improvements.

Our goal is to create recommendations for how to implement changes in emergency departments and family health teams for people with developmental disabilities, while also providing the tools and training that our research shows has promise in these settings.

More information:

Improving Emergency Care

Family Health Teams