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Our video resources include videos about health and health care, and videos about our research.

We continue to add to our video library. Check back regularly for updates. If you have a suggestion for a video topic, please email us at or phone 416 535 8501 Ext. 37814


This page presents videos:


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Featured Video

Improving primary care. This video shows a man with Autism Spectrum Disorder with pain in his ear, visiting a family doctor. In the first scenario, the examination is painful and stressful. In the improved practice scenario, strategies to improve his care include asking permission, offering choices, and describing and showing before doing.

Health care providers

Best Practices Series presents videos for health care providers interested in improving their clinical skills with patients with developmental disabilities.

More videos in the Best Practices Series.


Using emergency services. This video offers suggestions on how to prepare for crises and emergencies.

More videos for caregivers and family.


Persons with DD

Getting a blood test. In this video Francie gives some great tips on how you can make getting a blood test easier.

More videos about health and health care.


How can you use H-CARDD research? Learn about how the H-CARDD research has impacted different knowledge users (health planners, policy makers, and individuals with disabilities).




Health and health service use of adults with developmental disabilities and a mental illness or addiction. Adults with developmental disabilities and a mental illness or addiction have poorer health and higher health service use than others.

More videos about research findings.

Patient stories

Andrew's Emergency Department story. Andrew has Prader-Willi Syndrome. He explains what it was like for him to visit an emergency department at the hospital.