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Video Resources for Caregivers

Jillian Carlyle talks about what clients and families should expect and prepare for when going to the emergency department.


Yona Lunsky walks through what occurs at a visit to the emergency department with some tips on how to make the most of the visit. This video is designed to be used by individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.


Anna Palucka offers some suggestions on how to prepare for a successful inpatient admission for someone with a developmental disability.


Yona Lunsky walks through the systematic process of figuring out whether someone with a developmental disability has a psychiatric diagnosis. There are several steps and she provides some practical tips on how to make the process as thorough as possible.


Louis Busch explains what behaviour therapists do when trying to understand why someone with a developmental disability displays challenging behaviour, and offers some suggestions about how he would help someone reduce this type of behaviour.

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