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H-CARDD Research

Health Care & Developmental Disabilities: Alex, Rob, and Betty discuss the latest H-CARDD Report

Alex from the Coffee Shed social enterprise at Surrey Place asks the H-CARDD research team some important questions about the latest H-CARDD report. The latest H-CARDD report looks at how adults with developmental disabilities (DD) differ from adults without DD with regard to five important health and health care outcomes: 30-day repeat hospitalizations, 30-day repeat emergency department visits, alternate level of care, long-term care use, and premature mortality. Compared to adults without DD, adults with DD consistently fared worse across all five outcomes. This pattern held true regardless of age, sex, the wealth or poverty of the neighbourhood where they lived or the kind of developmental disability they had. More about this research..


Health and health care of specific groups with DD

Health and health service use of adults with developmental disabilities and a mental illness or addiction. About 45% of adults with developmental disabilities also have a mental illness or addiction. Compared to those without mental illness or addiction, they have poorer health and higher health service use. More about this research.


Women with intellectual and developmental disabilities: pregnancy health and outcomes. Each year, more than 400 women with developmental disabilities have a baby in Ontario. H-CARDD investigated their health and health outcomes. More about this research.


Health and health care of young adults with developmental disabilities. Young adults (age 18-24) with developmental disabilities, specifically those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, are more likely to have psychiatric diagnoses compared to their same-age peers. More about this research.


Aging adults with developmental disabilities. Adults with developmental disabilities age earlier than those without disabilities.H-CARDD researchers developed a new index for measuring frailty in adults with developmental disabilities. This study was part of the H-CARDD Aging project. More information about this project.

Improving health care

Improving emergency care for adults with developmental disabilities. H-CARDD is developing tools and resources for people with developmental disabilities and clinicians to improve the emergency care for people with developmental disabilities. More about this research.


Implementing health checks for adults with developmental disabilities. H-CARDD developed a toolkit for primary care providers to help them improve the care for their patients with developmental disabilities. More about this research.


H-CARDD Town Halls

H-CARDD researchers presented and discussed their latest findings in a series of Town Halls. Please use the links below to access video recordings of the Town Halls on the following topics:


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