SAMI acknowledgements


The SAMI program's success is a direct result of the numerous people who were involved in various aspects. Without the support, supervision and expertise of mentors; the dedication of fellows, lecturers, SAMI staff, and volunteers the program would not have been possible. The program directors Dr. Kwame McKenzie and Dr. Samuel Noh wish to recognize and thank everyone who had a hand in the program. 



The founding mentors are internationally recognized experts who supported the development of the SAMI program, the recruitment and selection of fellows, and provided direction and advice to the SAMI program staff over the entirety of the program. These individuals were key in securing funding, getting the program running and keeping it relevant.

Dr. Melanie Barwick, Dr. Jeff Daskalakis, Dr. Bill Fulford, Dr. Tony George, Dr. Louis Gliksman, Dr. Brian Hodges, Dr. Alex Jadad, Dr. Allan Kaplan, Dr. Martin Knapp,  Dr. Kwame McKenzie, Dr. Samuel Noh, Dr. Bruce Pollock, Dr. Yogendra Shakya, Dr. Lori Ross, Dr. Ivan Silver, Dr. Brenda Toner, Dr. Jim van Os

Each SAMI fellow was individually mentored by one or more experts through their time in the SAMI program. These mentors directly supported a fellow as they developed research ideas, grant applications and in advancing and preparing for their career after SAMI. The individual mentors would meet regularly with their respective fellow(s) to provide insight, expertise and critical appraisal of their work.

The following individuals dedicated time to supporting one or more fellows over the life of the program:

Dr. Branka Agic, Dr. Paul Andrews, Dr. Michael Bagby, Dr. Katherine Boydell, Dr. Michael Chaiton, Dr. Alison Crawford, Dr. Tony George, Dr. Michaela Hynie, Dr. Samuel Law, Dr. Nazilla Khanlou, Dr. Sean Kidd, Dr. Laurence Kirmayer, Dr. Krista Maxwell, Dr. Kwame McKenzie, Dr. Romina Mizrahi, Dr. Benoit Mulsant, Dr. Samuel Noh, Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Simpson, Dr. Arun Ravindran, Dr. Jurgen Rehm, Dr. Carla Rise, Dr. Lori Ross, Dr. Yogendra Shakya, Dr. Valerie Tarasuk, Dr. Brenda Toner, Dr. Charmaine Williams, Dr. David Wiljer

Thank you


We want to acknowledge and thank all of the SAMI faculty who over the years spoke to and provided guidance to the fellows. Our faculty included local and international experts on a variety of areas as they relate to the study of the social aetiology of mental illness including: research methods, community based research, health economics, social capital, racism, migration, philosophy, geographic information systems and ethics.

The SAMI program was supported by a number of staff and volunteers who committed their time and energy to the success of the program. These individuals supported the fellows day to day, the events, program lecturers and the mentors.

A special thank you to: Access Alliance, Across Boundaries, Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona, Canadian Mental Health Association (Toronto), Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), CAMH Education, CAMH Finance Department, CAMH Research Ethics Board, CAMH Research Administration, Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, Dalhousie University, Johns Hopkins University, University for Sick Children Toronto, London School of Economics, King's College London - Institute of Psychiatry, Maastricht University, McGill University, Ontario HIV Treatment Network, Pompeu Fabra University, Ryerson University, Steps to Equity, University of Cape Town, University of Central Lancashire, University of Toronto, University of Toronto - Department of Psychiatry and University of Western Ontario.