We recognize that the list of resources we provide is not exhaustive. We will periodically update our resources. If you feel there is an important resource that we have not included, let us know.

Statistics Canada

  • StatCan is the federal government agency commissioned with producing statistics to help better understand Canada, its population, resources, economy, society and culture.

City Data

  • Provides sociodemographic information for each of Ontario's cities, towns, villages and agglomerations (e.g., population density, age, income and occupation, household characteristics, education, language, mobility status, schools, etc.)

Community Data Program

  • The Community Data Program is a gateway to data for municipalities and community sector organizations. Members can download and use tables from a variety of sources, both survey and administrative down to the smallest scale possible. The program can also acquire Statistics Canada data for your custom boundaries.

Employment and Social Development Canada: Indicators of Well-being

  • Gathers data from different sources and presents a comprehensive, up-to-date picture of the well-being of Canadians and Canadian society and how this picture has changed over time.

Neighbourhood Change Research Partnership

  • Census data for eight metropolitan areas (Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vanouver) was analyzed to produce a visual neighbourhood typology for 2006 and describe neighbourhood change trends from 1981 to 2006, examining socio-spatial polarization trends in major metropolitan areas. "The Three Cities Within Toronto: Income Polarization Among Toronto's Neighbourhoods, 1970-2005" is only one of the reports produced by this SSHRC-funded project.

City of Toronto Resources:

Toronto Demographics (Toronto Social Atlas)

  • City of Toronto's Demographics portal: access neighbourhood maps, reports, and key surveys for the City of Toronto. Data can be divided by postal code, neighbourhood, ward, community council area. Includes comprehensive information on population groups, housing characteristics, languages, income and more, from a variety of sources such as the Statistics Canada Census and the City of Toronto. 

Toronto Community Health Profiles

  • A website with detailed, area-level health data for Toronto communities, with relevant and timely information.

Well-being Toronto

  • A map visualization tool that helps evaluate community well-being across Toronto's neighbourhoods on a number of indicators including "Civics and Equity, Economics, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, Recreation, Safety, Transportation, and Culture". Allows you to select and combine a number of datasets that reflect neighbourhood wellness.