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HEIA tip sheets

From the time you begin a HEIA to when you finish it up, you'll find helpful advice and suggestions within the tip sheets on this page. They cover topics like, starting a HEIA, using reflexivity, and developing mitigation strategies.

These documents were developed by Health Nexus and the Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario, which are HEIA champion organizations.

Getting started with HEIA


Ready to start your HEIA but unsure how? This tip sheet provides pointers on how to start the process.

download here button - Getting Started with HEIA tip sheet 


Engaging in reflexive practice when conducting a HEIA


HEIA aims to reduce health inequities and increase positive health outcomes for vulnerable and marginalized groups. To achieve this goal, a HEIA requires a thoughtful and respectful process of identifying and implementing mitigation strategies. One way to bolster this effort is through reflexivity, a practice of reflecting on oneself and on one's relationship to the subject being investigated.

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Planning a successful HEIA


This tip sheet helps you plan out why, when and how you will conduct a HEIA on an initiative. 

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HEIA mental health and addiction tip sheet


Inequities in mental health care in Ontario have a harmful effect on people, communities and the health system. This tip sheet helps people use the HEIA to identify potential negative mental health impacts of programs and policies on vulnerable and marginalized populations. 

download here button - HEIA Mental Health & Addictions Tip Sheet

Navigating step three: Identifying and selecting mitigation strategies


The third step of HEIA involves identifying ways to reduce potential negative, and amplify potential positive, impacts of an initiative. It can be tricky to identify appropriate mitigation strategies and evaluate their feasibility. For example, it's recommended to select mitigation strategies that are accepted by the people implementing the strategies. This tip sheet provides some suggestions for handling these challenges.

download here button - Navigating Step 3: Identifying and Selecting Mitigation Strategies

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