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Join us for our webinars to hear from experienced HEIA users, ask your questions, and receive answers from HEIA champions. Some of these webinars discuss specific aspects of HEIA, while others focus on case studies and examples where presenters discuss how they conducted an HEIA; how the HEIA impacted program, policy or service decisions; what challenges they faced along the way and how they overcame them.

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Archived presentations, interviews and webinars

Watch these archived webinars, interviews and videos to help you get started with HEIA or learn more about specific HEIA examples and experiences. Click on each image below to watch the recording.

Building Internal Health Equity at Health Quality Ontario

During this webinar, we will highlight the relationship between health and health care equity in a high-quality health system. This will be done by:

  • Presenting HQO’s approach for building internal health equity capacity and discussing the results to date.
  • Discussing lessons learned and providing recommendations to help organizations embed equity into their work, culture and services.


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HEIA Use in one Ontario Public Health Unit: NBPSDHU

An overview of how the HEIA was introduced to all staff and integrated at the NBPSDHU using cross-organizational awareness-raising strategies and planning. November 30th, 2016

Peel Newcomer Profile

The Newcomer Profile Tool for Peel region is a best practice, user-friendly interactive online tool for viewing local data on newcomers. Click here to explore the tool. November 3, 2016

Immigrant Populations Supplement for HEIA (10 min)

webinar image

An overview of the Immigrant Populations supplement for HEIA, presented by Joanne Thanos, MOHLTC Health Equity Branch, and Branka Agic, CAMH Health Equity Office. Download the supplement from the MOHLTC's HEIA website. Sept 28, 2016.

Using HEIA in policy making (20 min+Q)

Policy decisions made far beyond the health care system can have significant health implications. Steve Barnes, Director of Policy at the Wellesley Institute, presents an overview of how and why HEIA tools should be used in policy making and policy analysis and presents examples of policy HEIAs completed by the Wellesley Institute. Dec 16, 2015. More about this webinar...

Using HEIA in Systems-Level Work: Learnings from Service Collaboratives (45 min)

Members of CAMH's Provincial System Support Program team share their experience, examples and learnings from using HEIA in large systems-level projects in their work with the Systems Improvement through Service Collaboratives initiative across the province. Jan 26, 2016. More about this webinar...

Using HEIA in Community Mental Health (1.5 h)

A training webinar on HEIA including an introduction to health equity and equity issues in mental health, an introduction to the HEIA tool and an example of a HEIA completed by CMHA Toronto. Presented by CMHA Ontario, the MOHLTC, Health Nexus and CMHA Toronto.

Mental Health & Addictions Tip Sheet

Webinar Mental health and addictions tip sheet


During this webinar, you will be provide an overview of:

  • The impact of equity issues in mental health and addictions
  • The importance of utilizing the HEIA tool for health service delivery, program planning and policy development
  • How to utilize the HEIA Mental Health and Addictions Tip Sheet to get started in completing a HEIA 


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Introduction to HEIA (8 min)

An introduction to how to conduct a HEIA, including tips on what information to use and how to develop mitigation strategies. An animated presentation from Health Nexus.

Preparing for your HEIA (15 min + Q&A)

Webinar image

Andrea Bodkin from Health Nexus presents two HEIA Tip Sheets: Getting Started with HEIA and Planning for a Successful HEIA. She outlines reasons for conducting HEIA, steps to take before diving into a HEIA, and shares practice-based advice. July 27 2016.

You can also read Andrea's tips on developing an objective for your HEIA.

Seeing the Unseen: Introduction to HEIA and case study (1 h)

This webinar provides an introduction to health equity with examples; an explation of the HEIA tool; and walks participants through a case study where participants jointy complete an HEIA. You can navigate to specific sections of the recording. Presented by Yun (Annie) Ping and HCLink.

How to use the HEIA (8 min)

Andrea Bodkin, HCLink Coordinator at Health Nexus, gives an overview of how and why to use the HEIA tool and talks about common challenges and pitfalls during HEIA. This interview was recorded as part of the HEIA CoI with funds from the Evidence Exchange Network (EENet)

Health Equity: Lessons & Benefits of HEIA (10 min)

Erika Espinoza, Knowledge Exchange Lead for Northern Ontario within CAMH's Provincial Systems Support Program talks about what health equity means, her experience with the HEIA tool and in what ways the tool can be helpful in developing equitable programs. This interview was recorded as part of the HEIA COI with funds from the Evidence Exchange Network (EENet).

Intersectoral action for health equity (20 min)

Webinar image

Municipal and provincial governments interested in embedding health equity in their work can use tools such as HEIA to facilitate intersectoral action towards health equity (e.g., Health in All Policies approaches). Ketan Shankardass presents a framework about the factors that influence the implementation of intersectoral action and discusses how this framework can inform HEIA users and actors from government, public health, private sector and civil society organizations. Aug 31 2016. More about this webinar...