The peel newcomer profile tool: using data to support equity planning

Presenter: Aamna Ashraf - Director of Peel Newcomer Strategy Group (PNSG)
Date: Wednesday, November 3, 2016

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Newcomers may experience inequities on socioeconomic and health dimensions. To minimize these inequities and ensure that programs, policies and services do not unintentionally widen existing disparities, planners and policymakers need information on the newcomer populations in their jurisdiction.
The Newcomer Profile Tool for Peel region is a best practice, user-friendly interactive online tool for viewing local data on newcomers.
Join Aamna Ashraf, Director of Peel Newcomer Strategy Group (PNSG) for a demonstration of this tool and to learn how it can be used to:

  • understand inequities that affect newcomers, such poverty and under-employment
  • map newcomer socioeconomic data at a local level along with local services for newcomers
  • inform a Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA)
  • reduce inequities for newcomer populations.

This powerful tool created by the Peel Data Centre can be customized to other regions across Canada. Attend this presentation to learn more!

About the Peel Newcomer Profile Tool

This tool was developed by the Peel Data Centre, Region of Peel and the Peel Newcomer Strategy Group (PNSG). It shares newcomer specific data and an interactive map of the assets in Peel Region using statistics from the 2011 National Household Survey at 77 small levels of geography covering all three municipalities in Peel Region (Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon).

Aamna Ashraf headshot

Aamna Ashraf, Director of Peel Newcomer Strategy Group (PNSG)

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