Preparing for your HEIA: Putting the horse before your cart

Presenter: Andrea Bodkin, Health Promotion Consultant, Health Nexus Santé 
Date: Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

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Some people are healthier than others. When differences in health are because of reasons that are systemic, patterned, unfair, unjust and actionable, those differences are called health inequities.

Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) is a simple tool to help identify and reduce health inequities in programs, services, policies and initiatives. Based on learnings from a series of key informant interviews with HEIA users, Health Nexus has developed two new HEIA Tip Sheets, which will be launched at this webinar.

Join Andrea Bodkin from Health Nexus for practice-based advice on how to plan and prepare for your HEIA to increase your chances of a successful assessment and facilitate the identification of mitigation strategies. Andrea will share a simple process to help you determine if your program or initiative is a good candidate for HEIA and plan for a successful outcome.


About the presenter 

Andrea leads a variety of health equity and healthy communities projects at Health Nexus. She holds a Master's of Public Health with a specialty in health promotion from Deakin University in Australia. Her areas of expertise include health equity, strategic planning, engaging Francophone communities and developing French Language Services. Andrea is passionate about community engagement and partnership development and loves to facilitate community planning processes and workshops.  She has an extensive background in physical activity and health promotion and has worked in local recreation centres and public health units as well as provincial NGOs and agencies. Andrea lives in Toronto and is enthusiastic about gardening, knitting, and cycling all over the city.


About Health Nexus

Health Nexus is a leader in health promotion. A bilingual organization, Health Nexus supports individuals, organizations and communities to strengthen their capacity to promote health. For more than 30 years, Health Nexus has been a leader in innovation, connection and collaboration in Ontario and beyond. Equity, inclusion, engagement and resilience are the touchstones of all their work. Health Nexus has been a Champion for Health Equity Impact Assessment since 2012. Having conducted several HEIAs internally, Health Nexus has also supported many organizations in their HEIA efforts through workshops, coaching and mentorship. Healthy equity and HEIA is prioritized in Health Nexus' 2015-18 strategic plan. Currently, Health Nexus is embedding HEIA into its organizational and accountability structures.

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Andrea Bodkin

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