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Asking the Right Questions 2

Talking with Clients about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Mental Health, Counselling and Addiction Settings

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First edition written by Angela M. Barbara, Gloria Chaim and Farzana Doctor.

Revised by Angela M. Barbara and Farzana Doctor. 

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, two-spirited, intersex and queer (LGBTTTIQ) people have specific life factors that relate to substance use and/or mental health problems. These factors include coming out, gender transition, societal oppression, loss of family support, isolation, and the prominence of bar culture in their communities.

This manual will help counsellors create an environment where LGBTTTIQ clients feel comfortable talking about their sexual orientation and gender identity. This will allow the counsellor to:

  • best assess the needs of LGBTTTIQ clients
  • engage clients in a positive treatment process
  • develop tailored treatment plans
  • make appropriate referrals.

Asking the Right Questions 2 includes:

  • interviewing items to facilitate discussion during assessment or early treatment
  • an assessment form and specialized questions to integrate into your organization's standard assessment
  • a glossary of concepts and terms.

The manual will allow counsellors to help LGBTTTIQ clients become less anxious about their sexuality, and move toward receiving the best help possible. It will also help non-LGBTTTIQ counsellors to be more comfortable working with LGBTTTIQ clients.

This manual is a revised and updated version of Asking the Right Questions: Talking about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity during Assessment for Drug and Alcohol Concerns. It has been revised to include mental health issues, updated resources and an expanded glossary.

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