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MMT Client Handbook Resources

From: Methadone Maintenance Treatment: Client Handbook

In Resources:

  • Important contact numbers
  • Web sites

Important contact numbers


ConnexOntario's drug and alcohol registry of treatment provides information about treatment for drug and alcohol problems. Call their 24-hour toll-free number to find the number of the assessment referral centre in your community.

Methadone Registry

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
416-967-2600 ext. 661
The Methadone Registry keeps a list of all doctors authorized to prescribe methadone in Ontario. Call to find a doctor offering treatment in your area.

Web sites*

Access to the Internet is now available through many public libraries. Even if you don't have a computer at home or work, you can still get information from the Web. Here is a list of methadone-related sites:

Addiction Treatment Forum
With a focus on methadone, this site reports on new developments in the understanding of substance use and treatment. The site is designed both for medical professionals and for clients.

Drug Policy Alliance
This U.S. drug and drug policy research institute offers news stories, an online library, discussion forums, listservs and links to other resources. Type "methadone" into their search engine.

Drug Text: The Internet's Center for Substance Use Related Risk Reduction
This Dutch drug policy and human rights organization provides "globally accessible drug-related information." A search of the site's "libraries" will lead you to dozens of online references on methadone, including a methadone client handbook from the U.K.

Methadone Anonymous
The Methadone Anonymous (MA) site supports the work of MA groups wherever they are founded. The site provides specific information for those who want to start their own MA group. MA is a 12-step recovery group that accepts methadone as a "therapeutic tool of recovery that may or may not be discontinued in time, depending upon the needs of the individual."

The Methadone Site
The stated aim of this U.S. site is to "educate the world's population about methadone maintenance and detoxification." The site includes lots of links and active message boards.

The National Alliance of Methadone Advocates
A U.S. organization of clients and supporters of MMT. Their primary objective is to get rid of stigma and empower the methadone client.

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