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Methadone maintenance treatment overview: Resources

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Opiate Dependence Treatment Interprofessional Education Program (course)

This online program (five modules and a one-day workshop) prepares health care professionals to provide a comprehensive range of services for people with opioid dependence.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment: Best Practices in Case Management (PDF only)

Research shows that involving case managers in clients' addiction treatment leads to improved outcomes. The first evidence-based guide written for case managers working in methadone maintenance treatment in Ontario, this book describes their roles and makes recommendations about what clinicians, their employers, policy makers and funding bodies need to do to achieve best practice in MMT case management.

Methadone Maintenance: A Counsellor's Guide to Treatment

This CAMH publication presents concepts and strategies that distinguish methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) as an area of specialization within substance use counselling.

Methadone Maintenance: A Pharmacist's Guide to Treatment (2nd edition)

This CAMH publication is an important reference for practising pharmacists who dispense methadone. This comprehensive, practical manual includes in-depth information on:

  • opioid and other substance dependence
  • methadone and MMT
  • dispensing and self-administration
  • methadone dosing issues minimizing diversion
  • continuity of care when patients are hospitalized or incarcerated
  • adverse effects, toxicity, overdose and withdrawal
  • drug interactions involving methadone (an expanded section)
  • maintenance under special circumstances, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding,
  • epatic and renal impairment, and HIV/AIDS.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment: Client Handbook

CAMH's successful guide for clients in MMT addresses many questions that come up over the course of treatment. The plain language guide is useful for people who are new to MMT and to those who have been in the maintenance phase of treatment for some time. People who are close to MMT clients and who have questions and concerns about the program will also find this to be a useful resource.

Methadone Maintenance Therapy: Information for Clients

This pamphlet-length resource is for people considering methadone as a treatment option and for those who are being initiated into MMT and who wish to read a brief overview of what the treatment entails.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment: A Community Planning Guide

The purpose of this guide is to increase the capacity of the MMT system in Ontario. The decision to increase the availability of this substance abuse treatment option is based upon not only the success of the model both within this and other jurisdictions, but, most importantly, client demand for the service.