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From: Concurrent Substance Use and Mental Health Problems in Youth: Screening for Concurrent Substance Use and Mental Health Problems in Youth (© 2009, CAMH)


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Brief description

The DEP-ADO was designed to identify the problematic use of alcohol and other drugs. It is made up of eight questions addressing frequency of use in the past 12 months, substance use in the past month, the age of initiation, injection drug use, number of five or more drinks in a single occasion in the past 30 days and last 12 months, the negative effects associated with substance abuse (six domains covered); and the frequency of cigarette use. It was developed in Quebec and was tested with a French-speaking population, although an English-language version is also available. The DEP-ADO was designed for frontline workers.

Appropriate target populations

Adolescents aged 14 to 19 in community- as well as clinic–based populations.

Administration options

Formats available

_X_ self-administered (paper-and-pencil)

___ self-administered (computer)

_X_ clinician-administered

The DEP-ADO is designed in an interview format but can be used as a self-report tool if the interviewer is available to answer any questions.

Time required

Completion time is estimated at between five to 10 minutes.

Languages available

_X_ English

_X_ French

___ Other

Accessibility and cost

_X_ no charge for use

___ use requires permission of test developer

___ use requires special training and/or professional or academic credentials

___ fee for use

Where to access

Recherche et intervention sur les substances psychoactives

Summary of test development data

Quality of reporting

High, based on STARD rating (see Appendix, p. 76).

Summary of validity and reliability data

Moderate, largely because there is no reliability data and only one study of validity.