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Grades 1 to 8: Additional Resources

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About Alcohol; About Cocaine; About Marijuana; About Smoking

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) 
Written and illustrated in the style of a comic book, these four booklets use a humorous approach to deliver a serious message to teens. They describe the sensations and dangers associated with each substance, legal penalties for possession and trafficking, health concerns, and a brief history of the drug. 
To order class sets, contact Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 


Choices…F.I.T. (Fostering Independent Thinking)

Substance abuse prevention resource for Grades 4-8. 
Contact: Alcohol and Drug Concerns Inc, 4500 Sheppard Ave. East, Toronto, M1S 3R6, 416-293-3400.


Lungs Are For Life

A skill based smoking and other substance abuse prevention program for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. 
Contact: OPHEA (Ontario Physical and Health Education Association), 
1185 Eglinton Ave. E., Suite 501 Toronto, M3C 3C6, 416-426-7120 or 
The Lung Association at 1-800-972-2636. 
Visit the OPHEA web site at or


Making A Difference (2003)

A Teacher's Drug Prevention Resource for Health Education, Grades Primary-6, Nova Scotia Department of Health & Nova Scotia Department of Education. 
Contact: Nancy Hoddinott at 1-902-424-5962. 
View this resource on their web site.


Ontario Curriculum - Grades 1-8 (1998)

Ministry of Education & Training, Health and Physical Education: Healthy Living Strand - Substance Use and Abuse 
Visit the web site.


OPHEA H&PE Curriculum Support Materials

(Ontario Physical & Health Educators Association Health & Physical Education Curriculum Support Materials) 
Contact: OPHEA, 1185 Eglinton Ave. E., Suite 501 Toronto, M3C 3C6, 416-426-7120 
Visit the web site.


Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (OSUHS) (1977-2007)

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 
OSDUS is the longest on-going school survey of adolescents in Canada. The study, which spans over two decades, is an Ontario-wide school survey of students in Grades 7-12. It is based on 14 surveys conducted every two years since 1977. 


Parent Action Pack

Developed by Parent Action on Drugs. A free information kit for parents of youth age 11-19. The kit helps parents understand and face the challenges of teenage use of alcohol and other drugs. The Parent Action Pack provides statistics, consequences of drug use, and ways to reduce the risks. It also gives parents practical answers to questions. 
Contact: Diane Buhler, Parent Action on Drugs at 416-395-4970, or e-mail 
Visit the web site.


Peers and Parties…plus

Ontario Curriculum Support Resource with specific linkages to the Grade 8 Healthy Active Living Expectations. 
This teacher friendly resource package explores the challenges that youth face related to their peers and parties, plus the many other influences and pressures they experience as they make the transition to high school. These challenges are explored in seven interactive and compelling activity modules and features Skeletons in the Closet, a new 25-minute video about the motives, risks and consequences of teens and parties. Each activity module includes:

  • Objective and Overview Accommodations
  • Teaching/Learning strategies Planning notes
  • Summative response journal Appendices (black line masters)
  • Assessment/Evaluation

The package also contains extensive teacher, student and parent resources on tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs. The document is available on CD-ROM and in hardcopy manual. 
Contact: PAD at 416-395-4970 or 
Visit the web site.


Preventing Substance Use Problems Among Youth: A Literature Review and Recommendations

Paglia, Angela; Room Robin, 1998, ARF Research Document Series 
Contact: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 1-800-661-1111. 


Science, Tobacco and You

A Prevention Teaching Resource for Grades 4-6 
This program contains an easy-to-use, interactive CD-ROM, and a teacher's resource guide with non-sequenced sample lesson plans, short, fun assignments, and a series of student Quest Cards. "Science, Tobacco, and You" is ideal for use in health, science, language arts, drama, visual arts and mathematics programs. To order and for other information, visit the web site.


Smoke-Free for Life

Nova Scotia Department of Health 
A Smoking Prevention Curriculum Supplement. Series of activities and information sheets for Grades Primary-3, Grades 4-6, specifically related to smoking. 
Contact: Nova Scotia Department of Health, Nancy Hoddinott at 1-902-424-5962 


Stride Curriculum

Don Smythe, 1999
A curriculum for ages 12-14, which focuses on tobacco and alcohol, and challenges youth to examine pressures to use, including advertising. Peer education is used in an integral strategy. 
Contact: Council on Drug Abuse (CODA) at 416-763-1491 
Visit the web site.


TAKE ACTION: Alcohol, Cannabis and Tobacco Health Promotion for Youth (2001)

Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (OPHEA) (Available in French) 
Take Action is a comprehensive, classroom-based program designed to support educators and engage school communities in teaching safety awareness regarding medicines and harmful substances and provides information about tobacco, alcohol and substance use through the integration of health and physical education expectations. Take Action consists of 4 cross-curricular components, (Kindergarten, Grades 1-3, Grade 4-6, Grades 7&8). 
Contact OPHEA, 1185 Eglinton Avenue E., Suite 501, Toronto, M3C 3C6, 416-426-7120
Visit the web site.


What If Program

CODA (Council on Drug Abuse), Facilitator, Heather Hodgson 
Information on drug awareness for children ages 4-10. Includes five original Canadian illustrated stories, suggested preparation, lesson plans and follow-up activities, as well as lists of additional resources. 
Contact Council on Drug Abuse (CODA), 111 Peter Street, Suite #505 
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, 416-763-1491. 
Visit the web site.


The Legal Rights, Powers, and Obligations of Educators Regarding Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use (PDF), Solomon, Robert, 2004, Best Advice Paper, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. 1-800-661-1111

Ontario Public Health Association and the Alcohol Policy Network (APOLNET)

Co-ordinator, Paula Neves, 468 Queen St. E., Ste. 202, Toronto, Ont. M5A 1T7, 1-800-267-6816 Ext. 23 
Visit the web site.

The Ontario Code of Conduct (PDF)