War in Ukraine. Exploring Mental Health Supports for Ukrainian Displaced People coming to Canada, and Service Providers


Dr. Yuliya Knyahnytska, MD, PhD


Clinician-Scientist and Staff Psychiatrist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto

Tuesday, July 19th, 2022


Password: IRMHPwebinar19






In this webinar Dr. Yuliya Knyahnytska discusses:

· The context of Ukrainians in Canada and the Ukraine

· Pathways to Canada for Ukrainian displaced persons

· Mental health needs of Ukrainian displaced persons

· Application of the LEAD model through the use of four case studies

· Self-care for service providers

· Additional resources



Dr. Knyahnytska completed her medical training in Ukraine and holds a PhD in Health and Behavior from the University of Toronto. She has completed two clinical fellowships focusing on innovative treatment interventions for treatment-resistant psychiatric disorders. She is a vocal advocate for patient-centered care and improving access to care through clinical research.

Dr. Knyahnytska is leading a CAMH-wide initiative to improve access to care for health care workers, and people affected by the Ukrainian war. As a part of the team effort, she is a member of the New Beginnings Clinic, which serves refugees and Ukrainian displaced people by providing psychiatric consultation and short-term support. She is closely connected to Ukrainian community through volunteering in helping newcomers to navigate new life after they flee the war.

Webinar topics




Specific migrant populations and issues

Support and treatment considerations

Successful or promising practices