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The Opioid Resource Hub (ORH) is part of Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) in the Provincial System Support Program (PSSP) at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).  EENet is a provincial knowledge exchange network that brings together mental health and additions stakeholders from across Ontario. As EENet is a network of networks, ORH regularly collaborates with the diverse content specific hubs that make up EENet including CAMH HPRC as well as other communities of interest on diverse topics regarding mental health and substance use. 

Overarching Goal

To develop, disseminate and evaluate multidisciplinary knowledge exchange activities and resources leading to a comprehensive system of care for people with opioid problems, and to foster the safe use of opioid medications to prevent adverse consequences for people.  

Guiding Principles

The Opioid Resource Hub (ORH)  aims to develop knowledge exchange activities and resources that:

  • are facilitated by staff trained and experienced in knowledge exchange
  • are evidence-based and consistent with professional guidelines
  • engage the systems of the provincial Service Collaboratives: youth services, the education system, the justice system, as well as aboriginal communities
  • are available to francophone communities
  • engage a broad range of social/health care services such as hospital emergency and psychiatric services, seniors homes, primary care (FHTs, CHCs), community mental health agencies, public health units, addiction services, pharmacy and dentistry
  • have an increased emphasis on interactive modes such as communities of practice and coaching models
  • strengthen the voice of people with lived experience and address stigma
  • increase overall awareness of opioid problems
  • include evaluation/feedback mechanisms to guide future development and implementation.

Provincial Partners

Provincial partnerships are fostered to develop activities and resources, and to leverage the already existing capacity in the system. These currently include: Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario and other system partners.  We will continue to develop partnerships that have the potential to enhance the impact of our work.


ORH is funded by the Provincial Programs Branch: Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.