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Opioid Problems, Treatment Solutions

Opioid Problems, Treatment Solutions is a 7-week online course intended primarily for mental health / addiction counsellors, nurses and allied service providers who work with people with opioid issues. The course presents information on treatment strategies for people who are experiencing problematic opioid use.  The course is co-facilitated by one clinical expert and one expert by lived experience.

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Opioid Basics and Treatment

This self-directed, online course is comprised of two modules that will increase your knowledge and understanding of opioid use and addiction treatment.

Each module takes approximately 60 minutes to complete, and can be accessed for free through our website. 

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Strengthening Your Voice

Strengthening Your Voice is a day-long training designed to prepare people with lived experience of problematic use of opioids and/or family members of those with problematic use to share their personal stories.   

The sessions are facilitated by two lived experience/family and peer advocates along with a CAMH trainer, with on-site therapeutic support from a community partner. 

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Advanced Courses

CAMH Education offers a variety of courses on advanced topics to prepare physicians, pharmacists, nurses and counsellors to provide a comprehensive range of services for people with problematic opioid use.


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