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MMT Infographic   About Percs, Oxys, and other Pain Pills   

                        Quick facts about Methadone                          A brief overiew about the types of                                        An infographic about the 
                            Maintenance Treatment                            drugs, their uses, and help resources                                          dangers of fentanyl
                                                                                                        *également disponible en français                                     *également disponible en français

Fact Sheets

    Here's what you need to know.

     Fact sheets for people who are currently using opioids.

Fact Sheet: Getting HelpFact Sheet: Pregnancy and opioidsFact Sheet: Preventing OverdoseFact Sheet: Using Safely


*également disponible en français

A Guide to Public Speaking for Persons with Lived Experience

A guide to speaking publicly about your experience dealing with problems from prescription pain medication.  En français

A Guide for Parents

Answers common questions and provides
key messages on how to prevent problems.


Here are some informative videos:

This brief documentary highlights the need of awareness and education around opioid overdose prevention, and importance of naloxone in reversing life-threatening effects of overdose. Naloxone can save a life!


A Handbook for Clients

A comprehensive resource that provides all of the information 
needed regarding Opioid Agonist Therapy in an easy-to-read booklet.

Easy to Read Pamphlet

An easy to read pamphlet about using methadone to treat problems with prescription opioids.

A short five- minute video that describes new evidence based approaches for chronic pain management. It looks at chronic pain from a broad perspective including medical treatment, emotional wellbeing, diet and lifestyle changes, and physical activity.

This educational video is for anyone considering or currently taking pain medication. What is the role of opioids in chronic pain? What are the downsides and benefits of opioids? What are some of the things to keep in mind while taking opioids? Dr. Mike Evans reiterates the importance of discussing these and other concerns with your physician.


Prescription for Addiction (short version) is a compelling documentary that examines the growing problem of dependence and addiction to opioid pain medications. This 39-minute version includes insights from doctors and health professionals.

This is a one-minute public service announcement to address the harmful use of prescription opioids among First Nations youth and promote a powerful positive message of overcoming addiction. Chiefs of Ontario and the Ontario Young Peoples Council teamed up with CAMH to produce this short video.

This short documentary offers a window into the medically supervised methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) program. What is MMT? Is it a safe treatment alternative? How do MMT clients access this treatment? The collective voices of physicians, counsellors and clients in this video demystify methadone.