MMT Infographic   About Percs, Oxys, and other Pain Pills   

                        Quick facts about Methadone                          A brief overiew about the types of                                        An infographic about the 
                            Maintenance Treatment                            drugs, their uses, and help resources                                          dangers of fentanyl
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Fact Sheets

    Here's what you need to know.

     Fact sheets for people who are currently using opioids.

Fact Sheet: Getting HelpFact Sheet: Pregnancy and opioidsFact Sheet: Preventing OverdoseFact Sheet: Using Safely


*également disponible en français

Easy to Read Pamphlets


Do You Know Heroin     Do You Know Prescription OpioidsDo You Know Methadone

Easy to read pamphlets with information about heroin, prescription opioids, and methadone

CAMH Monitor Infographic

Snapshot of Prescription Opioid & Cocaine Use

The CAMH Monitor, first conducted in 1977, is the longest ongoing addiction and mental health survey of adults 18 years and  older in Canada.  For more results from the survey, click here.

Designed for People who use Methadone

Straight Talk: Methadone

This brief, easy-to-read brochure offer factual information and guidance to help people to:
-understand and consider the risks of using
-know the signs of an overdose
-know what it means to be "hooked"
-know where they can get information about getting help.