Conference presentations 2019

Keynote: Treatment approaches with marginalized populations

Jeff Turnbull

Presentation slides: Treatment approaches with marginalized populations in the context of opioid use disorder


Workshop: Approaches to polysubstance use

Anita Srivastava

Presentation slides: Polysubstance use in OAT patients


Workshop: Pregnancy and OUD

Alice Ordean and Maya Nader

Presentation slides: Pregnancy and opioid use disorder


Workshop: A) Concurrent disorders (CD) with Opioid use disorder and B) CD RAAM Clinic using Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN)

Wiplove Lamba and Tanya Hauck

Presentation slides: Embracing complexity: Or how to get the most out of psychiatry (Tanya Hauck)


Workshop: Older adults and OUD

Jonathan Bertram

Presentation slides: Aging and addiction


Workshop: The media and the Canadian opioid crisis

Abhimanyu Sud

Article: A critical content analysis of media reporting on opioids: The social construction of an epidemic


Workshop: Management of chronic pain and opioid use disorder

Joel Bordman

Presentation slides: Treatment of 'pain" in OUD


Workshop: Approaches to treatment and youth with (short term use)

Sharon Cirone

Presentation slides: Approaches to working with youth who use opioids and those with opioid use disorder


Workshop: Acquired brain injury and substance use disorders

Peter Selby

Presentation slides: Acquired brain injury & substance use disorder


Workshop: Ask the experts

CPSO Assessors

Buprenorphine/naloxone microdosing: The bernese method