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How can OPOP sites access telepsychiatry?

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OPOP primarily provides fly-in and drive-in services to visiting specialist clinic sites throughout northern Ontario. To complement these services, programs either offer telepsychiatry directly, or are aligned with telepsychiatry services within their respective organizations. 

If you are interested in receiving telepsychiatry services and are at a site that is served by OPOP, please contact:



Fly-in / drive-in


Northern Ontario Francophone Psychiatric Program (NOFPP)

Manager:  Karima Benqaddi

Manager: Karima Benqaddi

North of Superior Counselling Programs (NOSP)

Director: Giuseppe Guaiana, MD

Director: Giuseppe Guaiana, MD

Northern Ontario Psychiatric Outreach Program (NPOP)

Manager:  David Mastey

Manager: Denise Canso


For "one-time" psychiatric consultation for a non-OPOP site, contact: