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Northern Ontario Francophone Psychiatric Program at the University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa Northern Ontario Francophone Psychiatric Program

Mission statement

The Northern Ontario Francophone Psychiatric Program (NOFPP) strives to provide the highest quality francophone psychiatric services to clients and health care professionals  in community mental health programs or other Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care agencies in northern Ontario that have identified the need for such a service.


The program maintains a pool of francophone psychiatrists who are willing to travel to northern Ontario to work with community mental health programs and physicians by providing various clinical and educational services.


  1. Provide  the highest possible level of psychiatric care through hospitals and community mental health programs in northern Ontario where the francophone population warrants these services.
  2. Develop, through the Office of the Coordinator of the Francophone Psychiatric Services and the University of Ottawa Department of Psychiatry a pool of psychiatrists who are fluent in French and who are willing to live in or travel  regularly to designated areas in Ontario where the need for clinical services has been established.
  3. Assist in recruiting and training francophone Canadian or foreign graduate psychiatrists, as well as other mental health care professionals, in order to provide adequate psychiatric care in areas determined to be underserviced.
  4. Provide medical practitioners and other mental health professionals working in underserviced areas with ongoing education, consultation and supervision.
  5. Provide health care professionals working in underserviced areas with readily available consultation by phone for challenging cases.
  6. Provide liaison services with the various specialized departments of the University of Ottawa Department of Psychiatry.
  7. Provide, through the training facilities of the University of Ottawa, the opportunity for general practitioners, nurses and other mental health professionals to receive intensive training in the management of acute psychiatric disorders.
  8. Maintain ongoing liaison with the Underserviced Area Program and French Language Health Services of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.
  9. Promote supervised clinical and educational training to Francophone psychiatric residents in remote and rural areas of Northern Ontario.  

Service points

The activities of the NOFPP are currently offered in the communities identified below by the various psychiatrists of the program. The psychiatrists  offer the equivalent of 450 days of clinical activities to these service points in a given year.

Service points in northern Ontario

Chapleau: Turning Point

Cochrane, Iroquois Falls, Matheson: Minto Counselling Services

Elliot Lake: East Algoma Mental Health Clinic and St. Joseph's General Hospital

Englehart: Englehart & District Hospital

Kapuskasing: Hearst, Kapuskasing & Smooth Rock Falls Counselling Services

Mattawa:  Mattawa General Hospital

New Liskeard & Kirkland Lake: Timiskaming Health Unit & Kirkland & District Hospital

Sturgeon Falls: Alliance Centre and Au Château Nursing Home

Timmins: Timmins & District Hospital and Golden Manor Nursing Home

Wawa: North Algoma Counselling Service


Dr. Michèle Tremblay, Executive director
Ms. Diane Gratton, Program manager
Northern Ontario Francophone Psychiatric Program (NOFPP)
Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa
1145 Carling Avenue, Room 5457
Ottawa, ON  K1Z 7K4
Tel: 613 715-5829
Fax: 613 715-5839
E-mail: michè and


Dr. Jeanne Talbot, Postgraduate Director
Debbie Hall, Postgraduate program administrator
Department of Psychiatry
c/o Education Office (Room 4418)
Ottawa Hospital, General Campus
501 Smyth Road
Ottawa, ON  K1Z 7K4
Tel.: 613 737-8955
Fax: 613 739-9980