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The Suicide Risk Assessment and Management Toolkit

Welcome to the Suicide Risk Assessment and Management Toolkit

This toolkit was developed in collaboration between the Ontario Psychiatric Outreach Program (OPOP) in Toronto and the Schulich Research Training Program at Western University in London. It aims to improve attitudes, skills and knowledge around suicide risk assessment and management among clinicians working with OPOP.

The toolkit was designed for clinicians who provide care in rural Ontario, but it can also be used by those who work in non-rural settings. It includes information, resource and tools to support clinicians in providing comprehensive care to clients and patients who demonstrate suicide-related behaviour.

The content of this toolkit is organized into seven domains based on those presented in Rudd et al.'s (2008) article "Core competencies in risk assessment and management." The domains can be accessed by clicking below or on the sidebar.

Tools for suicide risk assessment and management of suicide-related behaviours can be found here.

Please feel free to reproduce the material in the toolkit to support your practice.


Rudd, M.D., Cukrowicz, K.C. & Bryan, C.J. (2008). Core competencies in suicide risk assessment and management: Implications for supervision.Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 2, 219-228.

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