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    One of the best-known novels

    A lot of themes are raised in the novel – the place of a human in the universe, nature of a human being, human loneliness.

    You have a wonderful opportunity to discuss all theses issues in your coursework.

    If you lack ideas for the coursework, you can do like me, I had to pay someone to write my paper cheap. But now uoi can use those offered in this article.

    1st idea

    Explain the reasons for violence inherent to almost every character in the novel. Some characters were violent by nature; the others accepted violence as an integral part of “normal” life. Pay attention to such characters as Lennie Small and Curley while writing the coursework.

    2nd idea

    Examine how the author presented social injustice and failed dreams. In your courseworks, explain how social pressure influences people.

  • I am: Teacher, Researcher
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