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CAMH PARTNERs Project is a three-year research study evaluating an integrated care model of telephone-based management to support primary care providers in providing mental health services.

The PARTNERs Project will collaborate with Family Health Teams in Ontario to improve outcomes for patients with depression, anxiety, and at-risk drinking. This project, the first of its kind in Canada, will provide patients with monitoring using an innovative computer software.

Depression, anxiety, and at-risk drinking are among the most common health problems experienced by patients being treated in primary care settings. Primary care providers play an important role in handling the mental health care of their patients. CAMH PARTNERs Project aims to help primary care providers identify and treat patients who could benefit from mental health interventions and monitoring.

Primary care is where many patients want their mental health treatment and where the majority of care is already happening. CAMH PARTNERs Project emphasizes a patient-centered approach and is designed to improve outcomes for patients receiving treatment in primary care settings.