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Screening tools

Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI)

The PGSI, developed in Canada (Ferris & Wynne, 2001), is an abbreviated version of the original tool called the Canadian Problem Gambling Index. It contains nine items rather than the original 31. Patients can use the PGSI as a self-screening tool, or primary care providers can can use it as part of the screening process.

GA 20 Questions

This questionnaire, which was developed by Gamblers Anonymous, is a self-assessment for "compulsive gambling."  It has not been scientifically tested or validated, so it should be used with caution.


The NODS-CLiP is a three-question screening instrument derived from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) (Toce-Gersten et al., 2009; Volberg et al., 2011).

DSM-5 diagnostic criteria: Gambling disorder

The DSM-5 provides diagnostic criteria for gambling disorder.