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Dementia: Screening

Medical red flags

  • Advanced age
  • History of cardiovascular risk factors (hypertension, dyslipidemia, history of smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, diabetes, atrial fibrillation)
  • History of cardiovascular disease or cerebrovascular disease
  • A family history of dementia
  • History of delirium or new onset depression in late life
  • History of head trauma or neurological illness (Parkinson's)

Behavioural red flags

  • Recent motor vehicle accident in older adult
  • Difficulties in taking medication
  • Missing appointments
  • Repetitive calling to the office
  • Family concerns about memory loss
  • Deferring answers to questions to family members or caregivers

Psychiatric interviewing series

David Goldbloom and Nancy McNaughton demonstrate clinical interviewing situations.

Psychiatry in primary care toolkit

The Psychiatry in Primary Care App has been decommissioned. 

The revised print version of Psychiatry in Primary Care is avaible through the CAMH store. 

We have posted a number of revised chapters from the book in Treating Conditions and Disorders in the new Professionals section of