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Data collection November 2013– Spring 2014

In the City of Greater Sudbury, we are conducting two studies. First, we are conducting a community survey to capture information on stress, mental health, substance use and violence problems experienced by the general population. We are also collecting detailed data on the types of services that people use. These data are being used by both researchers and community stakeholders to better understand the nature and extent of stress, mental health and substance use problems in local communities and to identify services commonly used by people who have these types of problems. As part of this general population study, we also collect biological samples – hair, to examine cortisol (a biological marker of stress), and saliva, to examine genetic vulnerabilities to mental health and substance use problems. The survey and biological data are being used by the scientific team to understand the complex relationships between individual/community factors, genes, stress, and mental health problems.

Second, we are examining barriers and facilitators to care for people who have mental health or substance use problems (Consumer Journey Study). We recruit people who have sought care for mental health or substance use problems as well as family members of people who have such problems and ask them to share their stories about accessing and receiving help in the community. Through in-depth interviews we are able to obtain detailed information on individuals' experiences in the system and to examine how well individuals with MSV problems are served by their local systems of care.

These two community projects provide information that is being used by communities to improve service planning. In the long term, knowledge gained from these community studies will be applied more broadly to improve service systems in communities across the province.

The mobile lab is currently located at Place Bonaventure Mall in Chelmsford. For more information, please contact:

Field Coordinator: Amy Kuhn, Research Associate
Researching Health in Ontario Communities(RHOC)
Associée de recherche – Étude de la santé dans les communautés ontariennes (ESCO)
Social and Epidemiology Research Department
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health - Centre de toxicomanie et de santé mentale (CAMH)
705-675-1195 x78325
Cell: 249-878-1716

List of Services

If you or someone you know would like to talk to somebody about problems or concerns relating to mental health, substance use, or violence, click here for a list of services that are available in the Greater Sudbury district.