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Data collection May–October 2012

RHOC Pilot Studies

RHOC investigators conducted the following studies in Windsor-Essex:

The Consumer Journey Study

For many sufferers of mental health and substance use problems, their problems are chronic and relapsing. They often have contact with many different health and social services, but these services do not always provide them with the help they need. This study provides a better understanding of individuals' journeys through the treatment system when seeking and receiving care for mental health and substance use problems. Interviews were conducted with persons who have sought or received care ("consumers") for their mental health or substance use problems. These individuals' experiences with violence were also examined. Family members of individuals who have these problems were also interviewed to obtain their perspectives. Barriers to seeking and receiving care, such as stigma, were examined, as well as factors that are found to facilitate recovery. This study is being used to help identify needs for services and ways to improve care.


Windsor Bar-Goer Study

Licensed establishments are high risk locations for violence and aggression. Building on their considerable expertise relating to aggression that happens in and around bars, CAMH researchers examined the drinking behaviour of young adult bar patrons and how this influences aggression at bars and clubs. This study explored young people's motives for and perceptions about aggression when drinking as well as group dynamics that might affect people's aggressive behaviour. This pilot study tested an innovative methodology of recruiting groups of young adult bar-goers on their way to bars in downtown Windsor. One arm of the study involved recruiting young adults for an online survey. The second arm involved collecting data from young adult bar-goers at three time points: (1) on their way to the bar district; (2) as they left the bar district; and (3) in a follow-up online survey. This research is being used to improve understanding of the factors that influence drinking and aggression among young people in order to develop prevention and policy initiatives to reduce violence and injury among this high risk population.


Services in Windsor-Essex

If you or someone you know would like to talk to somebody about problems or concerns relating to mental health, substance use, or violence, the following services are available in Windsor-Essex.

Crisis Services

Distress Centre
Tel: 519-256-5000

Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital Community Crisis Centre
Walk-In Service: Mon-Fri, regular business hours
24 Hour Walk-In Service: Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital ER
24 Hour Mobile Crisis Response: Mon-Fri
Weekend Mobile Crisis Response: 3-11 pm
Location: 1030 Ouellette Ave, Jeanne Mance Building, 1st Floor, Windsor
Tel: 519-973-4435 (24 Hour Crisis Line)

Sexual Assault Crisis Centre
Location: 1407 Ottawa St., Unit G, Windsor
Tel: 519-253-3100 (main office); 519-253-9667 (24 hour crisis line)


Mental Health Services

Canadian Mental Health Association
Locations: 1400 Windsor Avenue; 215 Talbot St. E (Leamington)
Tel: 519-255-7440 (Windsor Ave. location); 519-326-1620 (Leamington location)

Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital, Adult Mental Health Services
Location: 1030 Ouellette Ave., Windsor
Tel: 519-973-4411

Mental Health Connections
Location: 370 Erie Street East, Windsor
Tel: 519-256-4854


Substance Use/Addiction Services

Brentwood Recovery Home
Location: 2335 Dougall Avenue, Windsor, ON
Tel: 519-253-2441

House of Sophrosyne (women only)
Locations: 1771 Chappell Ave.; 1574 Lincoln Rd. (community programs)
Tel: For residential programs – 519-252-2711 or 1-877-533-9503; for community programs – 519-252-2711 ext 109

Windsor Regional Hospital Addiction Assessment and Outpatient Service
Location: 1453 Prince Rd, Windsor, ON
Tel: 519–257–5225


Family/Partner Violence Services

Hiatus House
Location: 250 Louis Ave., Windsor
Tel: 519-252-2768; 1-800-265-5142

Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence and Safekids Care Centre
Location: Windsor Regional Hospital – Metropolitan Campus, 4th Floor,
1995 Lens Avenue
Tel: 519-255-2234



Community Information and Referral
Tel: dial 211

Counselling Services, St. Clair College
Location: St. Clair College, Learning Commons, room 206
Tel: 519-972-2727 ext. 4226

Crossroads Centre for Personal Empowerment
Location: 190 Ottawa St., Lower Unit Windsor N8Y 1R7
Tel: 519-252-5456

Student Counselling Services, University of Windsor
Location: University of Windsor, 401 Sunset Avenue, CAW Centre, Room 293
Tel: 519-253-3000 ext. 4616

Windsor Essex Community Health Centre (formerly Teen Health Centre)
Location: Main address – 1585 Ouellette Ave., Windsor
Tel: 519-253-8481