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Evidence-based strategies, tools and resources

Supporting a family member with schizophrenia offers tools and resources that help people with schizophrenia and their families develop customized strategies that support an independent and fulfilling life in the community.

Cognitive adaptation training

The approach is based on Cognitive Adaptation Training – CAT for short — an organized approach that uses “environmental supports” that are integrated into the routines and living spaces of people with schizophrenia and other similar mental health challenges.

Practical strategies for daily living

This site builds on the content in Supporting a family member with schizophrenia: Practical strategies for daily living (En français : Soutenir un membre de sa famille atteint de schizophrénie : Des stratégies et des techniques pratiques pour la vie quotidienne). The manual guides families through various stages of working with their relative—from collaborating in developing a customized CAT plan to address his or her living needs, to getting started on the plan, to then selecting specific cognitive-adaptive strategies.


Download and print signs you can post as reminders to complete tasks. Or use the template to create your own signs.



Download fillable forms, checklists and templates.





Watch CAT strategies in action. Start by watching all the videos, or view clips as you read through the strategies in the manual.