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Service Provider Roadmap
This guide is for people who have an interest in developing ways to improve the mental health of a group or community that experiences unequal access to resources and discrimination. While the guide could be of some use to fully established services and organizations, it will be particularly useful to community members and service providers who have an innovative idea for how a particular health disparity might be reduced and who are beginning to develop a plan to put their idea into action.

Decision Maker Roadmap
This guide was designed to help service leaders, policy makers, and others become better able to recognize when a service, staff person, or other individual has characteristics that are associated with innovative and effective ways of addressing mental health equity. In contexts of limited and, in many cases, decreasing resources, we hope this guide might help decision makers recognize where their support might have the best likelihood of having an impact on disparities in mental health.

In addition to the guide, we are also providing the pilot version of our Social Entrepreneurship in Mental Health Equity Checklist. This is a practical tool for decision making that we are hoping can assist in the review of services, projects and proposals. We welcome any feedback from those who use it! Please email any comments to