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Resources for patients and families

Brochures and handouts

Links to printable brochures and handouts that can be given directly to patients or displayed in your clinic waiting room. These resources are designed to provide your patients with factual information about smoking and smoking cessation.

Telephone-based support

  • Smokers' Helpline: A Canadian Cancer Society program that includes a 24-hour phone support service.

Online support

  • Quitting Smoking: This section of the Canadian Lung Association's website includes helpful suggestions for patients.

Information about medications

  • Nicoderm: Useful information on NRT medication for patients, from the pharmaceutical company website.
  • Myths and Facts of Nicotine Replacement Therapies: A useful handout adapted for patients' use from the Ontario Medical Association's 2008 position paper "Rethinking Stop-Smoking Medications: Treatment Myths and Medical Realities"


  • "Why Do I Smoke?"A quiz created by the American Academy of Family Physicians to help patients be clear about the psychological, social and physical factors related to their smoking. The quiz is designed to be self-administered by a patient.

Other smoking cessation resources

  • Live Tobacco-Free: Toronto Public Health's excellent one-stop site for patients looking for resources.
  • Canadian Lung Association: Includes helpful information for patients on smoking, quitting, second-hand smoke and other topics.