Evaluating resources

Evaluation criteria: All resources

  1. Authors are professionals (mental health or education) who have a reputation for excellence.
  2. Authors have lived experience and relate that in ways that are respectful, inclusive, and strengthening.
  3. The resource is free, or available at a cost (both monetary and privacy) that is clear (i.e. you don’t have to subscribe, join, or give personal information to access)
  4. Clear information  about the resource is available to the public
  5. Evidence-based, research-informed
  6. Compatible with the stated values of Skylark (strength-based, inclusive, non-judgemental language, promoting awareness and action, encouraging open communication and collaboration))
  7. Where possible, Canadian (we will flag those that are Canadian)

Additional criteria: Apps

We use the MARS (Mobile App Rating Scale) to evaluate apps.

Additional criteria: Websites and print resources

Information about results of evaluation against these criteria is included on the resource description page (see:  Why we’re recommending this resource).


  • Is the website or text well-researched and information properly cited?
  • Are facts and statistics documented?
  • Can the information be verified in other sources?
  • Is the page/text well-written and organized?


  • Can you identify the author of the website or text?  An author can be an individual, company, educational institution, government agency, non-profit organization, etc.
  • What are the qualifications or credentials of the author?  Is the author affiliated with a reputable institution?


  • Are there biases in the Web page or text?  Is this the site or publication of a company selling products or an individual/organization with a specific agenda?
  • Are the goals or aims of the author clearly stated?


  • Is there a date when the website or text was last updated?
  • Are the links from the site up-to-date?


  • How does the information compare with other sources available on the topic?
  • What is the reading level of the material?
  • Are there references or links to more information?


  • The website or text may be interesting, but is the content appropriate for your research/knowledge needs?

Suggest a resource

Recommend resources that you’ve found helpful for yourself, your colleagues or in the classroom. 

Suggest a resource