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Setting up a Partner Site

Step 1: Add Portico Partner Site

Find out from requestor if the site is public or private and membership type to be open, restricted or private. A public site will have /web and is accessible to everyone. A private site will have /group and will be accessible to members who join the site. Membership type of open means that anyone can sign up on Portico and join this site. Restricted means that membership can be requested and the site owner will then permit them. Private means that the site owner is the only person that can assign membership.

Go to > Control Panel > Portal > Sites > Add > Portico Partner Site

Fill in name, description, select membership type, copy pages as public or private pages and leave the checkbox checked for "Enable propagation of changes from the site template"

Step 2: Staging

Turn on staging from the control panel : Site Settings > Staging > Local Live

Step 3: Banner and Footer

In the web content, you will find an item titled Microsite header and Microsite footer. You can use these or copy from another site. You copy the ID to the settings in Public Pages > Look and Feel > custom-header-article-id or custom-footer-article-id

Step 4: Other Settings

In Public Pages > Look and Feel, there are other settings you can adjust for customization. The two choices for colours are Purple and Teal but you can also use the theme-colour and theme-colour2 settings to make a new colour. It is a gradient background from theme-colour fading to theme-colour2 and it accepts hex code without the hash (ex: 533295). Theme-colour will also be used for the basis for the link colour or you can set that with the link-colour setting.

Step 5: Default Pages

The site template comes with default pages to help get the site started. These include:

  • Search Result
  • Microsite header
  • Microsite footer
  • Registration Benefits
  • Registration Info

It has structures and templates to help quickly create new items:

  • Google Map
  • GSA Search Result
  • Landing Page
  • Portico Event
  • Portico Web Content
  • Rotating Banner


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