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TeleMental Health

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Welcome to the TeleMental Health page on Portico. We envision that this site will be used as a resource to provide tools and to stimulate best practices in TeleMental health. As the site grows, we hope that it will be used as a virtual community of practice that will draw practitioners from across Ontario and Canada.

TeleMental Health Overview


What is TeleMental Health?

TeleMental Health is a modality of care that uses telecommunications (e.g., videoconference or telephone) to provide real-time client care at a distance, thereby bridging geographical disparities and improving access to psychiatric support. With TeleMental Health Services, individuals can access mental health supports closer to home, when and as they are needed.

TeleMental Health Service can include both direct and indirect client care. Examples include: diagnosis, assessment, medication managment, therapy (both individual and group), education, consultation and clinical supervision. 


New information and resources will be added to this site on a regular basis.