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Information for Providers


TeleMental Health Etiquette: DO

  • Have a well-lit (though not too bright) office with an appropriate colour (light blue or grey) wall or background.
  • Have a quiet and private space.
  • Sit facing the screen.  Look at the double screen to see how the other participant will see you. 
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Use double identifiers to confirm the client's identity.
  • Describe the process, expectations, and technology setup.
  • Explain privacy and confidentiality.


TeleMental Health Etiquette: DON'T

  • Don't act inappropriately while in front of a televideo unit.  It might be on.
  • Don't use equipment without understanding functions and best practices.
  • Don't start session without reviewing the patient chart. Remember to use double identifiers!
  • Don't shout.  Microphones are sensitive.
  • Don't have your room door open for anyone to come in during the session.  Information must stay confidential.
  • Don't just wear professional attire above the waist. 
  • Don't eat or chew gum. 
  • Don't have side conversations.
  • Don't have your cell phone ringer on.
  • Don't forget to use the camera in camera feature to see what you look like to the client.
  • Explain what to do in a crisis or if medical assistance is needed.