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  • Searching for a specific internet-based intervention (IBI)? Enter the name of the intervention into the search bar.


  • Not sure what you are looking for? Use the check boxes to narrow your search to IBIs for a specific substance or issue. Or, simply scroll through the IBIs on the main page.


  • Nothing comes up? We have reviewed all IBIs that have been evaluated for use in youth (12-24 years old) and that are still available for use. If you are looking for a specific IBI and it does not appear on our list, then perhaps it does not meet these criteria. But the field changes quickly! Let us know if you are aware of an IBI that may belong on this site.


  • Selecting an IBI will bring you to a summary page with a full description. Use the tabs along the top of the page to learn more about the intervention’s foundation elements (including any underlying theories and specific features), its technical specifications (including space requirements, advertising, location tracking), and a summary of available evidence on the IBI.
  • Interested in finding IBIs with specific features (e.g., personalized feedback, gaming, motivational enhancement)? Select the option to search for Features to get a drop-down menu. Selecting a specific feature will bring you to a summary page describing the feature and listing IBIs that offer it.


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